Pandora Free And Paid Subscriptions

I love Pandora, the streaming Internet radio service. It has fundamentally changed the way I listen to music — as much as the iPod. It lets me listen to more of the artists I love, while introducing me to new ones. It's even introduced me to new genres of music based on artists I like. … Read the rest

Minivan Design

We purchased our first parent-mobile in July 2007: a white Subaru Forester. It's a practical car — some call it a chick car. It's safe, efficient, durable and handles well through all seasons, especially winter. We purchased it when we had our first child, and it's performed well through our second. We'll… Read the rest

The Skinny On Angry Birds And Mobile Advertising

I recently downloaded the ad-supported version of Angry Birds, the mobile game, on my Android smartphone. It’s fun and addicting. It’s so addictive, it’s almost annoying. Who would’ve thought it could be so gratifying to manipulate angry cartoon birds with special powers to kill pigs?

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Focusing On Fewer Things

Manual Focus After nearly five years and 230 columns, I’ve decided to take a break from my weekly OnlineSpin column at MediaPost. This is noteworthy if you read this blog, or you know me from the online advertising industry.

Why this change? I’ve been blessed with passionate interest in multiple pursuits.… Read the rest

Groupon A Good Deal For Local Merchants? Looming Data Will Tell

Groupon Offer For Maid BrigadeGroupon is killing it. It’s experiencing meteoric growth and (as of this writing) is was on the verge of a $6 billion dollar acquisition by Google. The “deal-a-day flash-sale group-buying coupon service” is rewriting the rules on local business advertising and marketing.… Read the rest