Facebook Advertising Tools

Facebook advertising is in its infancy, yet the platform is growing fast. Facebook commands more total usage minutes than any other website, with the average user spending more than seven hours a month immersed in it. Facebook is not only competing for ad dollars from other Internet channels, but from every other advertising channel, including traditional television, print and radio.… Read the rest

The Skinny On Angry Birds And Mobile Advertising

I recently downloaded the ad-supported version of Angry Birds, the mobile game, on my Android smartphone. It’s fun and addicting. It’s so addictive, it’s almost annoying. Who would’ve thought it could be so gratifying to manipulate angry cartoon birds with special powers to kill pigs?

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Groupon A Good Deal For Local Merchants? Looming Data Will Tell

Groupon Offer For Maid BrigadeGroupon is killing it. It’s experiencing meteoric growth and (as of this writing) is was on the verge of a $6 billion dollar acquisition by Google. The “deal-a-day flash-sale group-buying coupon service” is rewriting the rules on local business advertising and marketing.… Read the rest

Software To Erase Corporate Brands From Sight


It’s been nearly four years since the city of São Paulo, Brazil, voted — nearly unanimously — to ban advertising in public spaces.

While the U.S. advertising industry was indifferent to this far-away backlash, I thought it was intriguing.… Read the rest

Advertising Is More Appealing When You Know It’s Advertising

Honest Advertising at Stop & Shop
People often dislike marketers because some are deceptive.

Dave Morgan recently posted a rant about deceptive advertising practices. Specifically, he called out a “Continuation Notice” invoice from a media trade newsletter company.… Read the rest