Software To Erase Corporate Brands From Sight


It’s been nearly four years since the city of São Paulo, Brazil, voted — nearly unanimously — to ban advertising in public spaces.

While the U.S. advertising industry was indifferent to this far-away backlash, I thought it was intriguing.… Read the rest

Advertising Is More Appealing When You Know It’s Advertising

Honest Advertising at Stop & Shop
People often dislike marketers because some are deceptive.

Dave Morgan recently posted a rant about deceptive advertising practices. Specifically, he called out a “Continuation Notice” invoice from a media trade newsletter company.… Read the rest

Inside the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance

Many of you (readers of my blog) work in the marketing and media business and are familiar with the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance. For those of you who aren’t, Yahoo! and Microsoft Search created the Alliance to become a more meaningful competitor in search advertising to Google, the world’s most highly valued media company.… Read the rest

Search Marketers Poised To Dominate Exploding Growth Of Social Media Advertising

Facebook Logo

There probably isn’t a single advertising or marketing communications agency today that hasn’t checked the box on “social media marketing.” Can you think of one that hasn’t? No? Didn’t think so.

With so many agency disciplines and the absence of meaningful advertising platforms on the social networks, most agencies have been building social-media marketing (SMM) capabilities around “earned media” tactics.… Read the rest