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Facebook advertising is in its infancy, yet the platform is growing fast. Facebook commands more total usage minutes than any other website, with the average user spending more than seven hours a month immersed in it. Facebook is not only competing for ad dollars from other Internet channels, but from every other advertising channel, including traditional television, print and radio.

With growing investments in Facebook advertising, advertisers are seeking ways to scale more sophisticated camapigns with greater effectiveness and accountability. Similar to search engine advertising, serious Facebook advertisers can use third-party tools to reduce the time and complexity of managing campaigns, while increasing performance.

My company — Clickable, a Facebook Ads API partner — recently launched new Facebook advertising tools to complement our core search advertising management software. It expands the possibilities for advertisers to manage, track and optimize their search and social advertising in one single experience. 

It's pretty slick. Below is a short short video tour. (If you can't see the video, click here to view it on YouTube.)

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