Focusing On Fewer Things

Manual Focus After nearly five years and 230 columns, I’ve decided to take a break from my weekly OnlineSpin column at MediaPost. This is noteworthy if you read this blog, or you know me from the online advertising industry.

Why this change? I’ve been blessed with passionate interest in multiple pursuits.… Read the rest

Remember To Keep Things In Perspective

Dangerous Risk Adrenaline Suicide by Fear of Falling

The recent OMMA Global conference in New York was a good event. There were many interesting people and great discussions, spanning every corner of the digital marketing and media world.

As the show’s emcee, I was sensitive to an undertone of uncertainty and restlessness — one that was largely driven by our weak economy and digital’s continuing evolution and disruption of everything we know about our industry.… Read the rest

Technology’s Unintended Consequence: The Elusive Worker

Marketers often struggle with the “elusive consumer” — a term used to describe the increasing difficulty of targeting potential customers and capturing their diffusing attention. Now it’s time to meet the “elusive worker.”Read the rest

Your Company’s Mission & Values Statements Are A Big Pile Of B.S.

Mission StatementI’ve paid attention to the mission, vision and values statements posted on the walls of several corporate offices I’ve visited recently. Nearly all of them use a lot of big, aspirational words that are combined to create long-winded phrases that are boring and generic — and too often cliched.… Read the rest