Software To Erase Corporate Brands From Sight


It’s been nearly four years since the city of São Paulo, Brazil, voted — nearly unanimously — to ban advertising in public spaces.

While the U.S. advertising industry was indifferent to this far-away backlash, I thought it was intriguing.… Read the rest

Advertising Is More Appealing When You Know It’s Advertising

Honest Advertising at Stop & Shop
People often dislike marketers because some are deceptive.

Dave Morgan recently posted a rant about deceptive advertising practices. Specifically, he called out a “Continuation Notice” invoice from a media trade newsletter company.… Read the rest

The Diaper Conspiracy

With two toddlers, our family has invested several thousand dollars in diapers, and we’re not finished yet. A recent discussion with our pediatrician revealed some interesting insights about the diaper industry.

The diaper industry has become more sophisticated over the years.… Read the rest