How To Smoke Smarties (And Ignite Customer Passion)

I don’t understand why reporters still automatically conclude problems and crisis when people use brands in unintended ways and then share their experience with others. People have done that forever.

This time it’s Advertising Age announcing foul play over a few kids that posted online videos of themselves demonstrating how you can inhale and then exhale powdered sugar from Smarties candies, creating a cigarette-like smoke cloud.… Read the rest

The Numerati: Interview With Stephen Baker (Video)

Stephen Baker, senior writer at BusinessWeek, was the featured guest last week at Interesting Café, one of our culture events at Clickable. Pulling themes from his new book, the Numerati, he shared how a powerful new endeavor — the mathematical modeling of humanity – is transforming every aspect of our lives.… Read the rest

Wired’s Frank Rose On How The ’70s Punk Scene Foreshadowed Modern Internet Culture

I recently video interviewed Frank Rose, contributing editor at Wired, following a discussion he led at Clickable. Frank spent the past decade writing about the changes digital technology has wrought on media and entertainment. He started out covering the Lower Manhattan punk scene of the ’70s for The Village Voice, chronicling the emergence of Patti Smith, the Ramones, and Talking Heads.… Read the rest