Erwin Ephron On Advertising Engagement

Following my recent and innocent pondering over the state of advertising engagement, advertising theorist and engagement critic Erwin Ephron chimed in today via his Mediaweek “Blunt Pencil” column:

It is our inability to define what we are talking about as more than a wild card that makes engagement dark and troubling.

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Video Interview With Joe Mandese of MediaPost

At the ANA Masters of Marketing conference, I met up with the humble but very smart Joe Mandese, editor-in-chief of MediaPost, one of the more innovative publishers in the new-media space. I write a weekly op-ed column for MediaPost, but I rarely get to interact with Joe.… Read the rest

Video: Dr. Joe Plummer On Consumer Engagement

Regurgitating my video work over at Engagement By Engagement, my MediaPost Spin column this week is actually a video interview! I think this is a first for MediaPost. Most important, my interviewee, Joe Plummer, Chief Research Officer of the Advertising Research Foundation, offered some great insights.… Read the rest

Gerald Zaltman on Engagement and Co-Creation

Over at the Engagement By Engagement video blog, I scored a nice interview with Gerald Zaltman of Harvard Business School. And I bring it to you here with this cross-post:

Gerald Zaltman, according to Joe Plummer, is the spiritual leader of the Engagement movement.

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