The State Of Social Media Measurement (aka Brand Monitoring and Listening Platforms)

It’s been about two years since I left the social media measurement space as startup marketing guy at the company most consider the pioneer and leader. While now immersed in the search-technology world, I enjoy keeping up with social media measurement for several reasons: It’s fascinating.… Read the rest

How To Create Effective Surveys That Make Customers Love (Not Hate) You

One flaw in my writing is that I’ll rant and rave about something that’s wrong, but fail to introduce or attempt a solution. Such was the case with my recent protest over pop-up surveys, as well as my corresponding poll emphasizing my community’s disdain over them.… Read the rest

Media Metrix Reunion: The Power Of Relevant Knowledge

As many of you know, I was an early marketing guy at a startup in the late 1990s called Media Metrix (aka stock symbol “MMXI”). It was the company that brought Nielsen-television-style ratings to the commercial Web. They were exciting times, as the online audiences  and behaviors we codified helped validate the Web as an advertising platform.… Read the rest

Social-Media Metrics In Their Infancy

Brian (aka @bmorrissey on Twitter) Morrissey wrote a great story for Adweek on social-media metrics. As I underscored in an interview with Brian for this story: “It’s still in its infancy,” and “Marketers are trying to bridge the divide of what the metrics mean and then put them into action.”… Read the rest