Wired’s Frank Rose On How The ’70s Punk Scene Foreshadowed Modern Internet Culture

Frank Rose Backstage at CBGB c. 1977
Frank Rose Backstage at CBGB c. 1977

I recently video interviewed Frank Rose, contributing editor at Wired, following a discussion he led at Clickable. Frank spent the past decade writing about the changes digital technology has wrought on media and entertainment. He started out covering the Lower Manhattan punk scene of the ’70s for The Village Voice, chronicling the emergence of Patti Smith, the Ramones, and Talking Heads. Among his most interesting insights were strong parallels between the ‘70s punk scene and today’s Internet – particularly the idea of passionate, user-generated content underlying both cultural movements.

You can learn more about Frank at his new blog, Deep Media. It’s a platform to share themes and solicit feedback around his upcoming book, which will explore how the Internet is reshaping storytelling and entertainment.


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