Search Marketing And The Super Bowl (Video)

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The Super Bowl is perhaps more famous for its ability to lure marketers to shell out record dollar amounts to purchase audience attention and anticipation in hopes of transforming television ad campaigns into consumer demand.

But if so much goes into creating demand, then why isn’t there equal scrutiny over: One, how much demand marketers created? And, two, how well marketers captured that demand and transformed it into more meaningful customer relationships?

Of course, search marketing is at the core of this question. To learn more about the state of search marketing around the Super Bowl, my colleague Hanny Hindy and I interviewed Joshua Stylman and Anthony Iaffaldano from Reprise Media, the tier-one search agency, famous for its annual Super Bowl Scorecard. I originally posted our video to the Clickable team blog, but would like to share it here as well.

Key insights include:

  1. The evolution from the days when many Super Bowl advertisers had no online presence (way back in 2004) to the sophistication expected today.
  2. The migration away from conventional on-site landing pages to social-media alternatives like YouTube, Facebook and MySpace.
  3. The economy’s impact on the objectives and tone of Super Bowl ads (expect more “calls to action”), and marketer’s attention to the performance of their advertising investments.
  4. Super Bowl lessons: how small businesses can anticipate and take advantage of latent demand.

Now watch the video and let me know what you think.


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