SEMPO NYC Tech Demo Night

"Gong"We held our latest SEMPO NYC event last Thursday:  the much anticipated (and sold out) annual “Tech Demo Night”. We made an open call to any companies building search and social marketing technology to come show off their latest innovations to the grassroots New York search marketing community.… Read the rest

Who’s Accountable For The SEO Black Hat?

The New York Times today published an investigative report by David Segal on J.C.Penney's fantastic 2010 performance in organic search engine results, which helped boost online sales. However, this performance turned out to be largely the result of an agency's extensive black-hat search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, far out of Google's compliance zone.… Read the rest

Google’s Latest Search Story Makes You Realize How Much Crap You Have To Buy When Having A Baby

TechCrunch underscored how Google’s latest search-story television commercial “makes having a baby seem really depressing” — thanks to all the obvious and hidden costs. True, having a baby is a life-changing event, and  it for forces you to buy all kinds of crap and choose all kinds of very expensive services, like hospital and prenatal care.… Read the rest

Inside the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance

Many of you (readers of my blog) work in the marketing and media business and are familiar with the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance. For those of you who aren’t, Yahoo! and Microsoft Search created the Alliance to become a more meaningful competitor in search advertising to Google, the world’s most highly valued media company.… Read the rest

American Express OPEN Partners With Clickable

SearchManager From American Express OPEN, Powered By Clickable
I’m passionate about the work we do at our startup Clickable. We have a meaningful purpose: to help businesses survive and thrive. And we’re living up to that purpose and changing the world by simplifying online advertising. I’ve been with the team for nearly three years (which is near inception) and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished.… Read the rest