The Economics Of Local Search Marketing

Our startup Clickable began as an online solution to make self-serve search advertising simple, instant and profitable across all major advertising networks, like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. As our CEO, David Kidder, often says, our Clickable Pro solution is a simple, Apple-like version of AdWords, Google’s search media buying center.… Read the rest

Search Reshaping The Advertising Business

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
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Search advertising comprises roughly half of online advertising, and Google is the world’s most profitable and revolutionary media company. Sure, we all know that.

But what’s not blatantly acknowledged is how search-engine marketing DNA is expanding to new channels, heavily influencing the evolution of the entire media landscape.… Read the rest

Television Networks Need An Ad Quality Score

I believe in advertising, but I dislike most television commercials. That’s why I bought a TiVo several years ago — so I could watch exactly the content I wanted, when I wanted, and avoid the rest.

Not surprisingly, with a critical mass of the population using DVRs, TiVo has begun to extract some fascinating insights about network programming and commercial viewing.… Read the rest

Making Advertising Profitable For Your Business

At Clickable, my startup, we dedicate ourselves to creating the simplest path to profitability for online advertisers. At the heart of that is goal-based advertising, an approach where businesses define their goals, track their successes, assign economic value to those successes, and then optimize continuously.… Read the rest