Getting Up At 5:00 AM

Coffee CupProbably a combination of getting older and busier, I now wake up at 5:00am every single day. Some consider it too early, but that time has become critical to getting a meaningful start to the day.  That start usually provides a high-quality, two-hour span in which to get things done before tending to a waking family and the rest of the world.

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Costco Weddings

Costco Wedding Costco is on my mind as I finalize my list for the monthly bulk supply run. On the list are staples like diapers, Pull Ups, gallons of organic milk, kiddie treats, garbage bags, cleaning supplies and more.

With unusual timing, I just received an email from Costco (I'm on the mailing list) with the subject: "Weddings by Costco.… Read the rest