Meet Ethos Water Founder, Humanitarian Peter Thum At “Interesting Cafe”

Ethos Water

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After experiencing water crises while working in South Africa, Peter Thum left his job to found Ethos Water. His mission: Address the world water crisis and help children get clean water. He led Ethos through its acquisition by Starbucks in 2005.… Read the rest

Juliette LaMontagne On Reinventing Education Through Project-Based Learning

Our education system, especially in urban areas, is broken. To gain insight into challenges and solutions for transforming it, Juliette LaMontagne, TED Fellow and professor at Columbia University, led a discussion at our most recent Interesting Café.… Read the rest

Breaking News! Popeyes Runs Out Of Chicken

I thought local broadcast news reached a new low with its widespread, panic-laden coverage of swine flu. I was mistaken. Rochester, NY’s ABC affiliate, WHAM Channel 13, released two weeks ago a scathing report on a Popeyes franchisee which closed early one day because it ran out of chicken.… Read the rest

Why Inventing Matters

The best and most inspiring ideas often come from people outside your periphery. That’s why we hold Interesting Café at our startup, Clickable. It’s a community discussion led monthly by a different interesting person, who provokes and shares wisdom through a personal story.… Read the rest

Oscar-Winning Steadicam Inventor Garret Brown On Invention, Passion And Sustainability: Video Interview

Garrett Brown on Rocky

Garrett Brown, Oscar-Winning inventor of the Steadicam, led our last discussion at Clickable’s Interesting Café, one of our company‘s culture and community initiatives. Steadicam is a game-changing film invention, and Garrett’s shot with it on nearly 100 movies including Rocky, The Shining and Return of the Jedi.… Read the rest