When The Wiggles Goes Gangsta

If you have toddlers, like me, then you’re probably entrenched in the The Wiggles, the hugely successful, Australian rock band for preschoolers. As a parent, I value their wholesome and entertaining tunes for my kids, and I’ve long been impressed by their marketing acumen.… Read the rest

World Video Premiere Of Cast Of Dads

We recorded our first video episode of Cast of Dads during South By Southwest (SXSW), the interactive, music and film festival. Jeff, CC and Brad were together in Austin, so Michael and I joined in via video, from San Francisco and New York, respectively. As you’ll quickly see from the video, we jury-rigged a couple of Macs with video Skype to bring our virtual heads directly to the conversation table.… Read the rest

How To Operate A Snow Thrower

Westchester County, New York, received over a foot of snow in the past 24 hours, and it’s not over yet. Julian and I went out early this morning to remove the first foot of snow. We’ll be out again in the  late afternoon and evening. In this video below, Julian demonstrates how to operate a snow thrower.… Read the rest

How To Be Happy, According To Professor Srikumar Rao

Our culture and acquired mental models predispose many of us to unhappiness, but things don’t have to be that way. That’s according to Professor Srikumar Rao, the feature guest at the January 28, 2010 Interesting Café, Clickable‘s innovators and culture event series.… Read the rest