Optimize Your Personal Brand (If You Want To Exist)

In a discussion at my office last week, Steve Baker, author of “the Numerati,” described a day when there would be services widely available to help people optimize themselves in the new digital world. He underscored there have long been individual optimization services in the analog world.Read the rest

Please Be Insensitive

Web guru Dave Winer said:

When I needed heart surgery in 2002 and the doctor told me my life was over if I didn’t get it, you might say he was being insensitive, but he was telling me something that I knew was true that I needed to hear. Three days later after the surgery, recouperating, the surgeon told me if I resumed smoking I would be dead in three years.

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It’s Funny That A Guy I Pissed Off Is Now My Friend

Sam and Diane kiss
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I received the following note from someone who recently befriended me on Facebook. I’m foremost a student in this world, and I bet I learned equally or more out of this interaction. It made my day, so I asked my new friend if it would be OK to share his letter, presuming anonymity.Read the rest