What Makes Men Cry?

I enjoyed David Churbuck’s essay on tearjerkers, where he explored media that consciously evoke a crying response. He prompted a discussion with the Cast of Dads, where we probed the things that make us dads cry. The conclusion? Dads don’t cry often, but they’re suckers for narratives in movies and books that involve severance of father-son bonds, and life-or-death situations where they’re forced to choose among their children.… Read the rest

Earth People To Marketers: ‘Only Straight Talk Please’

Like most people, I don’t like marketing messaging that interrupts, distracts, exaggerates or condescends. Which is frustrating because so many marketing messages do just that — while also being hokey, gimmicky, loud, snarky, aggressive or exotic.… Read the rest

Business Card Elegance & Etiquette

Many people say business cards are becoming obsolete in the age of Google, LinkedIn, Facebook V-Cards and smart phones, though I think the opposite is true. Business cards represent the identity of organizations and individuals, and they create many first physical impressions.… Read the rest

Holiday Card Etiquette

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve been receiving an unprecedented surge in two types of holiday cards: mass e-cards and mass-printed cards with no handwriting (not even a signature). Meanwhile, the volume of handcrafted, personalized cards and letters has dropped significantly.… Read the rest