Feedback Requires Courage From Both Giver And Receiver

Post It Note: Improvement

I recently accepted an invitation to meet with the CMO of an Internet analytics firm for a briefing and demo of her company’s flagship dashboard product. It was interesting, but the demo and presentation flow had flaws that overshadowed promising aspects of the product.… Read the rest

The Supermodel With A Giant Oozing Zit

I recently had breakfast with David Churbuck, a wise friend, who’s the head of digital marketing at a large computer and electronics manufacturer. He left me with a zinger quote that stuck to my brain like Super Glue. To paraphrase David and protect the guilty:

Details and presentation matter.

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Your Professional Bio

We now live in the era of the personal brand. Thanks to the Internet, where everyone has a soapbox, more people are consciously promoting and managing their reputations like sophisticated brand managers. This trend is poised to accelerate amidst a deep recession and rising unemployment.Read the rest