The Walls Come Down

Peter Himler says:

Media relations pros always have taken a “hybrid” approach to finding the “right,” i.e., most appropriate outlet. It’s just that today’s options transcend the wires, newspapers, magazines, local, network and syndicated TV, radio and websites, to include myriad bloggers and microbloggers.

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Facebook, Twitter And Yammer Are Not Replacing Email, Rather They Are Subservient To Email

Fueled by the “Feed Me: Bite Size Info for a Hungry Internet” panel at SXSW, several bloggers and reporters have joined a discussion that ponders whether social media, news feeds and lifestreaming are replacing traditional email. “We are all in the process of creating e-mail 2.0,” David Sacks, founder of business social network Yammer said, reported the BBC.… Read the rest

Memorializing Facebook Profiles

The following was also one of my columns in MediaPost…

Ariel's Facebook Profile

Two years ago I wrote:

Relationships–whether physical or in the virtual world–are the fabric of life, and one inevitable fact in life and relationships is death. So it is natural that as the Internet and social media become more ingrained in people’s lives and identities, death and mourning will follow accordingly.

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