Posting On The Go

I write, self-edit and publish most of my blog posts and short essays on my Mac laptop. I’ll find a one- or two-hour block of time and crank out a post, a few times a week.

However, I’m writing this post from my accountant’s office on my Blackberry, using my blog software’s new phone application.… Read the rest

Social-Media Experts: Snake-Oil Salesmen?

For his final story at Businessweek, Stephen Baker probed the world of social-media snake-oil salesmen.

The self-proclaimed experts range from legions of wannabes, many of them refugees from the real estate bust, to industry superstars…They produce best-selling books and dole out advice or lead workshops at companies for thousands of dollars a day.

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Figuring Out Social Media? The Answer Is Not Advertising

Get Social
The most recent Advertising Week focused relentlessly on social media. I saw this firsthand as co-emcee of OMMA Global. I also saw it as an attendee of several other events. But for all the excitement and expert pontification, most people are getting it wrong.Read the rest

Some Bloggers Can Be Bought, But Not Me

ProstitutionI disagree with the FTC’s idiotic new requirements that bloggers must now disclose payola or material exchanges of goods with marketers. I agree with and live by the principle of liberal disclosure on this blog and in my personal life, but I don’t like government meddling in my speech.… Read the rest

Enough Mommy Bloggers Already, Daddy Bloggers Debut

Sony Digidads

One of the biggest, overnight sensations in mainstream media and marketing circles has been mommy bloggers. They’ve stirred up a hurricane of hype and controversy, but now it’s time for daddies to enjoy the spotlight.

Which is why I’m delighted to announce my participation in Sony Electronics’ DigiDads Project.… Read the rest