Managing Social Networks For A Life In Public

Max Kalehoff LinkedIn MapMy friend recently expressed concern over an acquaintance recovering from a divorce. Amidst her life-altering event, she began living life more openly on Facebook. Perhaps desperate for intimacy and to "get it all out", she began sharing excessive levels of unfiltered and impulsive thoughts and behaviors with her Facebook friends.… Read the rest

Facebook Advertising Tools

Facebook advertising is in its infancy, yet the platform is growing fast. Facebook commands more total usage minutes than any other website, with the average user spending more than seven hours a month immersed in it. Facebook is not only competing for ad dollars from other Internet channels, but from every other advertising channel, including traditional television, print and radio.… Read the rest

Software To Erase Corporate Brands From Sight


It’s been nearly four years since the city of São Paulo, Brazil, voted — nearly unanimously — to ban advertising in public spaces.

While the U.S. advertising industry was indifferent to this far-away backlash, I thought it was intriguing.… Read the rest

When It Comes To Bullying, The Problem Is People, Not Technology

knock out!

By now, you’ve heard the news of the Rutgers freshman and violinist who committed suicide after his roommate secretly filmed him during a sexual encounter in his dorm room and posted it on the Web. It’s a tragedy, and it’s sparked a lot of debate about a “new dangerous era wrought by the Internet.” It’s easy to blame technology or point to it as an enabler, and so many have. But that’s lazy thinking and, unfortunately, a self-fulfilling prophecy in public discourse.… Read the rest

The Most Valuable Productivity Tool Ever — And It’s Not An iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, MacBook, iPad Or Any Other Flimsy, Unreliable Electronic Device

My Paper Notebook During my recent vacation, while setting up my Evo smartphone’s WiFi hotspot so I could connect my MacBook to the Internet, I asked myself: “What is my most valuable workplace productivity tool?” It is not my smartphone or laptop.… Read the rest