Be On Purpose

Luke Skywalker
Ever heard of the importance of being on time? Well, it’s perhaps more important to be on purpose.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a one-on-one meeting, a presentation, a formal event, a passive observation or even a nap. Time and attention are scarce and their allocation can have compounding impact — positively or negatively.… Read the rest

Inward Versus Outward

One of my strengths as a marketer is my outward focus. I love to evangelize and sell the dream. I love to get out in front of crowds and cultivate inbound advocacy and love. I love driving thought leadership and building a stellar external reputation that greases the skids for products and services to achieve utmost market traction.… Read the rest

Feedback Requires Courage From Both Giver And Receiver

Post It Note: Improvement

I recently accepted an invitation to meet with the CMO of an Internet analytics firm for a briefing and demo of her company’s flagship dashboard product. It was interesting, but the demo and presentation flow had flaws that overshadowed promising aspects of the product.… Read the rest