Reminder On Email Privacy And Etiquette

Email is not sexy, but it’s fundamental and thriving. Email is the root of our identities on the Web. It firmly remains the default social network. It is a simple and ubiquitous channel. We all grant our attention to email.

Which is why email is becoming more popular among among businesses that seek our attention, our engagement and our wallets.… Read the rest

Marketing On The Inside

Most companies spend a lot of time and money trying to market and communicate effectively to external stakeholders. Product marketing professionals strive to get the product-to-market positioning just right. Branding and advertising people strive to make the message relevant and spreadable.… Read the rest

Does Your Firm Harness Or Stifle Passion?

I pulled from some past posts for my latest MediaPost article contribution, below…

Passion is at once one of the most influential, misunderstood and undervalued factors that determine business success. I believe strongly in passion for a host of reasons, including its connection to purpose and competitive advantage. … Read the rest

Business Card Elegance & Etiquette

Many people say business cards are becoming obsolete in the age of Google, LinkedIn, Facebook V-Cards and smart phones, though I think the opposite is true. Business cards represent the identity of organizations and individuals, and they create many first physical impressions.… Read the rest