I Inspired Someone To Start A Blog

My “Why All Marketing People Should Blog” column for MediaPost inspired this person to start a blog. I can’t figure out the person’s name, but he (or she) says this:

So I’m finally starting a blog. And I won’t lie… i pulled the trigger after reading a MediaPost article by Max Kalehoff that really everyone in marketing should have a blog.

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Burson-Marsteller Was My MBA

Harold Burson of Burson-Marsteller wrote a nice post on the recent May college graduates, including the increase in new entrants to the communications field. He offered some great advice, and also mentioned his excellent and highly competitive Harold Burson Summer Internship program, for which I am an alum.… Read the rest

What Picture Do Algorithms Paint Of You?

I admit it: I love data and extracting stories from them. That’s what I do for a living, though more on the story and trend analysis side. I’m not a hardcore quantitative expert, though I know enough to be dangerous and ask tough questions. Not surprisingly, I pay attention to the metrics for AttentionMax, including the search queries that lead people to my blog.… Read the rest

When Recruiting Becomes A Negative Ad Campaign

Earlier this week I wrote about bad recruiting practices among headhunters in the interactive advertising industry. The king of regurgitation, which I am, this week’s MediaPost column is adapted from that post:

Our hiring crisis is reflective of a service industry flooded with more opportunities, work and dollars that it can possibly manage, and one that can’t say no when it reaches its capacity.

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You Know The Interactive Advertising Industry Is Desperate For Talent When…

You know the interactive advertising industry is desperate for talent when you receive an unsolicited letter from an in-house recruiter at a major digital agency (names and details kept confidential to avoid humiliation) that addresses someone else you know and says:

Subject: Urgent Requirement: Vice President, Engineering

I found your profile on the web.

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