Dumping The TV Cable Box

Samsung Hi-Def 52" Television

I thought I embraced the future of television several years ago when we got our first TiVo. While that event was significant, it’s now clear our DVR was only a technological painkiller to make tolerable the broken state of television: scheduled screenings with heavy commercial interruption.Read the rest

Wired’s Frank Rose On How The ’70s Punk Scene Foreshadowed Modern Internet Culture

I recently video interviewed Frank Rose, contributing editor at Wired, following a discussion he led at Clickable. Frank spent the past decade writing about the changes digital technology has wrought on media and entertainment. He started out covering the Lower Manhattan punk scene of the ’70s for The Village Voice, chronicling the emergence of Patti Smith, the Ramones, and Talking Heads.… Read the rest

What Is The Purpose Of Online Advertising?

What is the purpose of online advertising?

Erwin Ephron, the godfather of modern media planning, stopped by the Clickable offices for a visit last week. I felt like he shared 40 years of advertising wisdom in 60 minutes. He may be an old-timer, but his insights are timeless and highly relevant to our work in digital advertising innovation.… Read the rest

Most Agencies & Publishers Fail To Offer Marketers Real Ways To Embrace Social Media

If there was one trend that came on strong during this year’s Advertising Week festivities, it was advertising agencies and media companies jumping on the social media bandwagon.

On the agency side, you had an infinite line of digital, creative and planning agencies making social media the latest add-on to their legacy competencies and services menu.… Read the rest

The Disintegration Of Big Media Brands And The Content They Carry

The following also is my latest MediaPost column

As a media consumer, there’s one thing that has changed dramatically for me in the past two years: the eroding significance of big media brands to the programming I like. Sure, publishers and networks play a major role in the funding, development, distribution and promotion of programming.… Read the rest