This Model Steam Roller Is Cool As Hell!

About 30 years ago, my dad purchased a Wilesco toy steam roller — which is a real, miniature steam-powered steam roller. It’s incredibly authentic for a model, and it resembles a high-priced antique far more than a toy. It’s been sitting on my fireplace mantel for the past four years, and my four-year-old son and my dad prompted me to fire it up for the first time a few days ago.… Read the rest

Thanksgiving And Turkey Fryers

Bayou Classic 9195 Turkey Fryer Kit With Thanksgiving here in America, turkey fryers are in seasonal vogue. I’m fascinated with those tipsy, flimsy contraptions, which combine a tall aluminum cauldron, gas-burner and basic metal stand.

The turkey fryer’s size, awkwardness, assembly, open flames, dangerous hot oil and primal nature tend to fascinate and lure men, while scaring off women.… Read the rest

The Most Valuable Productivity Tool Ever — And It’s Not An iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, MacBook, iPad Or Any Other Flimsy, Unreliable Electronic Device

My Paper Notebook During my recent vacation, while setting up my Evo smartphone’s WiFi hotspot so I could connect my MacBook to the Internet, I asked myself: “What is my most valuable workplace productivity tool?” It is not my smartphone or laptop.… Read the rest

My New HTC Evo Smartphone Is Victim Of Bloatware Innards

It’s been a love fest with my new HTC Evo. It’s still a love fest! However, Priya Ganapati at Wired correctly calls out the annoying bloatware that has crept into Android phones, including my Evo.

According to Wikipedia: Software bloat is a term used to describe the tendency of newer computer programs to have a larger installation footprint, or have many unnecessary features that are not used by end users, or just generally use more system resources than necessary, while offering little or no benefit to its users.… Read the rest

My New HTC Evo Smartphone

I just got an HTC Evo for my birthday and it is awesome. The phone has been reviewed widely, so I’ll sum it up via Engadget: its magnificent list of specs reads as though it was scribbled on a napkin after a merry band of gadget nerds got tipsy at the watering hole and started riffing about their idea of the ultimate mobile device.… Read the rest