Thanksgiving And Turkey Fryers

Bayou Classic 9195 Turkey Fryer Kit With Thanksgiving here in America, turkey fryers are in seasonal vogue. I’m fascinated with those tipsy, flimsy contraptions, which combine a tall aluminum cauldron, gas-burner and basic metal stand.

The turkey fryer’s size, awkwardness, assembly, open flames, dangerous hot oil and primal nature tend to fascinate and lure men, while scaring off women. As such, the turkey fryer justified itself as the lead topic on our latest episode of the Cast of Dads.

I’ve never cooked a turkey in a turkey fryer, however I’ve fried many other things in one. It was during an Independence Day celebration a few years ago, where my friends assembled on in place of a grill. It became an unexpected fry party, where we fried everything from hamburgers, hotdogs, shrimp, chicken, eggs, potatoes, zucchini, french toast, oreos, Twinkies, smores and ice cream. It was a hit.

As always, our latest podcast show features a range of timely parenting issues, and this one is packed with Thanksgiving tales and survival tips — all loaded with spontaneity and humor.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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