Memorizing Long Conference-Call Passcodes

I often find myself having to join conference calls while on the go — walking, driving or even while standing in lines. Most conference-call services require participants to dial an 800-number, followed by a passcode. That’s reasonable, except when the pass codes are longer than six digits.… Read the rest

The Sony Dash Is Not Your Father’s Alarm Clock (But You Can Win One For Him Right Here)

Just in time for Fathers Day…

My friends at Sony recently sent me a Dash Personal Internet Viewer. Don’t be fooled by the name. Some call it an alarm clock on steroids, but I think it’s defining a new category of “casual, passive Internet media consumption devices.”… Read the rest

Get Your iPad Out Of My Face

In the past few months, Web-technology pitches and demos have begun to change.

Formerly, live technology demos would require a consensual gathering around a laptop, or a computer monitor mounted on a desk, or a trade-show booth. There was a formality and a definitive commitment of attention involved with these rituals.… Read the rest

When Media Unbundle From Physical Devices And Become Infinite And On-Demand

You know you’re old when your three-year-old picks up an old cassette tape recorder you have lying around, and asks: “Daddy, what is this?”

But wait, it gets worse. I explained to my son Julian, “It works like an iPod.” So he asked, “But how does it work?”… Read the rest