What Truly Stands Out About My Mac (Versus All The WindowBased PCs I’ve Owned)

Both Macs and Microsoft Windows-based computers have their pluses and minuses. I started on a Mac as a kid and remained loyal to the brand through college graduation. Then — upon entrance into the corporate world — Windows-based PCs were thrust upon me.… Read the rest

Rest In Peace, Mr. TV-Remote Inventor

Back to the well of my own content, I fleshed out an earlier blog post/tribute to Robert Adler, co-inventor of the television remote, to become this week’s MediaPost column (and comments here). The full text is below. When will Adler be honored in the Budweiser Real Men of Genius series?… Read the rest

Skype To End Free Internet-To-Landline Calls. Say It’s Not So!

The quality of Skype’s PC-to-traditional-phone-line calling service is not stellar, but often handy and good enough for me when traveling out of mobile-phone range, when an Internet connection is available (and that does happen in some coffee shops and offices in New York City, not just the boonies).… Read the rest

Advertising Screen Tailors Ads To Its Audience

The new scientist reports on this nifty out-of-home advertising system:

A smart advertising display monitors Bluetooth gadgets in its vicinity, ensuring audiences see only the most appropriate ads, with minimal repeats.

The display detects the presence of devices fitted with Bluetooth wireless transmitters carried by people walking past, such as cellphones and PDAs.

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