Breaking News! Popeyes Runs Out Of Chicken

I thought local broadcast news reached a new low with its widespread, panic-laden coverage of swine flu. I was mistaken. Rochester, NY’s ABC affiliate, WHAM Channel 13, released two weeks ago a scathing report on a Popeyes franchisee which closed early one day because it ran out of chicken.… Read the rest

Transforming The Local Online Advertising Industry

I’d like to share with you some exciting news from our advertising technology startup, Clickable!

Context: Since I joined the management team in 2007, we launched the first self-manage tool to make search advertising simple for small and midsize businesses, a segment that comprises half of total online advertising spend.… Read the rest

A Note About Tracking Cookies

The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital recently served me an unexpected banner across the top of the blog’s entry page titled “A note about tracking cookies.” It said:

Some of the advertisers and Web analytics firms used on this site may place ‘tracking cookies’ on your computer.

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Total Time Spent With Online Media Is Not Indicative Of Its Worth

David Meer at Enfatico observes that many frustrated and idealistic people in the online media business persistently point out the discrepancy between time and money spent online:

Despite the fact that people spend around 30% of their media time online, advertising online captures less than 10% of media budgets-and the gap has persisted over the last several years.

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The Endgame Of Media Buying And Selling

What happens to the business of digital media when emphasis shifts from targeting content to targeting audiences via scientific aggregation and optimization? The short answer is: it’s complicated.

To drive some clarity around this question, I moderated the “The New Science of Advertising” panel at the recent OMMA Global Hollywood conference.… Read the rest