What Is Hyperlocal? Can Someone Please Tell Me?

Four Corners Pizza in Pelham, NY

“Hyperlocal” is the new buzzword in media and advertising. The word is especially in favor among community-oriented blogs and Web technology startups. But the word suffers from ambiguity. By extension, the promising sector it attempts to represent suffers as well.… Read the rest

Stolen Documents Fair Game In Reporting The News?

I have tremendous respect for TechCrunch because the tech blog is innovating and changing the business of technology news. It is fiercely competitive in reporting big news first, as well as providing meaningful analysis. I’m ok with its trafficking in rumors, because the site is dynamic and allows correction and healthy debate.… Read the rest

25 Years Ago, Tetris Foreshadowed The Way We Now Consume News And Personal Status Updates

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Tetris, perhaps the simplest, and most addictive and ubiquitous computer game of all time. Journalists, academics, bloggers and fans of computer gaming, media and pop culture have exploited the celebration with an abundance of coverage and interviews with the game’s inventor, Russian mathematician Alexey Pajitnov.… Read the rest

Bing Is Impressive, But I’m Sticking With Google

Bing Logo

What do you think of Bing, Microsoft’s new search engine? I just completed a seven-day test of Bing as my default search engine. I was impressed, and will continue to use it for image search and occasional product research. I’ll also continue to check back over time to see how the Bing team innovates and improves following its big June launch.… Read the rest

Consumers To Marketers: Fast-Forwarding Through TV Commercials Means We’ll Be Less Likely To Hate You

Todd Juenger at TiVo points to his company’s DVR user data and says that fast-forwarding through television commercials is a sign that viewers are engaged with the programming. He suggests that’s a good thing for advertisers making such media investments.… Read the rest