The Economics Of Local Search Marketing

Our startup Clickable began as an online solution to make self-serve search advertising simple, instant and profitable across all major advertising networks, like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. As our CEO, David Kidder, often says, our Clickable Pro solution is a simple, Apple-like version of AdWords, Google’s search media buying center.… Read the rest

The Golden Age Of Journalism Never Was

The Golden Age of Journalism: Going…Going…Gone? Actually, there never was a Golden Age. But it’s ok. Eric Burns, author of All the News Unfit to Print, a catalog of journalistic misdeeds dating back to the American Revolution, said in a recent interview with On The Media:

There never was a golden age.

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Television Networks Need An Ad Quality Score

I believe in advertising, but I dislike most television commercials. That’s why I bought a TiVo several years ago — so I could watch exactly the content I wanted, when I wanted, and avoid the rest.

Not surprisingly, with a critical mass of the population using DVRs, TiVo has begun to extract some fascinating insights about network programming and commercial viewing.… Read the rest