When Media Unbundle From Physical Devices And Become Infinite And On-Demand

You know you’re old when your three-year-old picks up an old cassette tape recorder you have lying around, and asks: “Daddy, what is this?”

But wait, it gets worse. I explained to my son Julian, “It works like an iPod.” So he asked, “But how does it work?”… Read the rest

Social And Search Advertising

Clickable Home Page With Facebook
I thought I’d share with you details of a fun project we’ve been working on at our startup, Clickable. Actually, it’s more than fun, it’s the beginning of a new chapter for us. Today we announced our partnership and integration with Facebook, resulting in the first live advertising solution to integrate both search and social advertising. … Read the rest

Competition In The Cable And Broadband Business

According to Reuters, Cablevision’s 3 million New York-area customers lost broadcast signals of local station WABC-TV in the early hours of Sunday because the cable operator and the TV network were unable to come to terms. This corporate PR battle is is being played out amidst the highly anticipated Oscars award show, depriving those 3 million New York-area customers of Hollywood cultural enrichment.… Read the rest

Figuring Out Social Media? The Answer Is Not Advertising

Get Social
The most recent Advertising Week focused relentlessly on social media. I saw this firsthand as co-emcee of OMMA Global. I also saw it as an attendee of several other events. But for all the excitement and expert pontification, most people are getting it wrong.Read the rest