Stolen Documents Fair Game In Reporting The News?

I have tremendous respect for TechCrunch because the tech blog is innovating and changing the business of technology news. It is fiercely competitive in reporting big news first, as well as providing meaningful analysis. I’m ok with its trafficking in rumors, because the site is dynamic and allows correction and healthy debate.… Read the rest

The Golden Age Of Journalism Never Was

The Golden Age of Journalism: Going…Going…Gone? Actually, there never was a Golden Age. But it’s ok. Eric Burns, author of All the News Unfit to Print, a catalog of journalistic misdeeds dating back to the American Revolution, said in a recent interview with On The Media:

There never was a golden age.

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The Problem With ‘Full Disclosure’ Is That It’s Not

In this age of transparency, it seems everyone with a voice in the blogosphere or mainstream media feels compelled to “fully disclose” any possible conflict of interest. Here lies the problem: The idea of full disclosure is deceivingly straightforward, yet it’s never unequivocally factual or transparent.… Read the rest

Twittering Journalist Offers Wisdom To Advertising Flacks

Following is also my latest MediaPost Spin column. 

Twittering Journalist Offers Wisdom To Advertising Flacks

March 7th, 2008 by Max Kalehoff

If you work in the online advertising industry, you’ve probably heard of veteran journalist Brian Morrissey.… Read the rest

Absurdity: Reporters Should Be Disqualified Because They Care

Leslie Stahl on Lou Dobbs during the latest episode of CBS 60 Minutes:

Dobbs scoffs at suggestions that his advocacy tarnishes his credentials as a journalist.

Dobbs’ pre-recorded statement that prompted Stall’s declaration:

The idea that a reporter should be disqualified because he or she actually cares, actually isn’t neutral about the wellbeing of a country and its people…that’s absurd.

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