Mainstream Media Quoting Comments In The Blogosphere

Here’s a first for me: a mainstream news organization citing a comment I made in someone else’s blog. Mark Glaser, from PBS’ Mediashift, has a series on Citizen Journalism. He quotes me:

Max Kalehoff, an executive at Nielsen BuzzMetrics, wrote this comment on Jeff Jarvis’ BuzzMachine blog on a post about changing the term citizen journalism to networked journalism:

"Why not just call journalism “journalism” — a word the citizens, amateurs, networks, distributors and professionals can understand? Journalism can be “practiced” in all sorts of ways, and by virtually anyone. You don’t even have to be a citizen or a professional; you could be a foreigner, or even an alien from outer space. But I do agree with your overall beat: journalism is not some exclusive club; it’s something that takes many forms, including all the ones you describe."

I get quoted occasionally through work, my blog and other writing, but I guess comments on others’ blogs are equally fair game. It’s sort of like attending an event, raising your hand, countering the presenter, and then getting quoted by a scribe in the room.

I suppose this would happen more often if more search engines were equipped to mine blog comments. Google is usually the first thing journalists turn to when researching or tracking down sources. My comment was on Jeff Jarvis’ blog, which a lot of people pay attention to, especially when it comes to the intersection of blogging, journalism and new media. I suppose that’s what Mark Glaser did…manually, not by search.


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