Gerald Zaltman on Engagement and Co-Creation

Over at the Engagement By Engagement video blog, I scored a nice interview with Gerald Zaltman of Harvard Business School. And I bring it to you here with this cross-post:

Gerald Zaltman, according to Joe Plummer, is the spiritual leader of the Engagement movement. Oh yeah, he’s also the Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business Administration Emeritus at the Harvard Business School. While he offered brilliant answers to my questions, he also offered a good response to what I think is going to become a hugely critical question: Is Engagement a finite commodity? He linked to limited attention and limited ability of consumers to process information. Amidst all the hype about advertisers trying to reach this realm of Engagement, I think these latter issues are fundamental. Too often advertisers are in denial about this fact. Click the Play button below to view our discussion.

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