Forrester CGM Report Available, Courtesy of Nielsen BuzzMetrics

I recently wrote how Forrester validated consumer-generated media in its first-ever Brand Monitoring Report, led by Peter Kim. My employer, Nielsen BuzzMetrics, which was cited a “leader” and having “the strongest strategic vision,” has licensed the report and is making it available – right here – to all in our industry, free of charge (a $349 value). Nielsen BuzzMetrics issued its own news release on it today.

I have extreme respect for Peter, but I disagree with his heavy inclusion of mainstream media clippings – versus pure measurement of consumer-generated media (CGM) as the most powerful lens into consumer insight, engagement and brand health. Media clippings are important, particularly in corporate communications departments. However, traditional media tracking is not inherently reflective of the consumer psyche or consumer insights. Stories by reporters don’t reflect consumer-brand engagement; consumer-to-consumer discussions do! And that’s where the ultimate value and foresight is for marketers. I steadfastly stand by this position.

But overall, it’s a thoughtful and thorough analysis of the competitive space in CGM measurement and brand monitoring. Beyond my role at Nielsen BuzzMetrics and participation in the evaluation, Forrester’s report is an important validation for this burgeoning industry, which I’m very proud to be a part of.

Great job, Peter!


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