Digitas’s David Armano On Blogging


I attended at the Digitas NYC office today David Armano’s Blog’s Eye View presentation, documenting his curiosity, experience and learning in the blogosphere over the past year at Logic + Emotion. He’s a great champion of social media and offered a humble, straight-talk report on what it’s like to become a blogger. While his passion was refreshing, most compelling to me was hearing an ad-agency guy (David is a creative director at Digitas) talk about all the things too many ad-agency people usually can’t relate to: conversation, listening, community and all those sorts of things. He’s a true asset for Digitas, and they’re smart to embrace his enthusiasm and blogging independence.

Finally, below is a picture from the gathering: me, Christina Kerley, Joseph Jaffe, David Armano and Greg Verdino.


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