The Long Tail Of Bad PR People

Chris — The Long Tail — Anderson is fed up with bad PR people and said:

I’ve had it. I get more than 300 emails a day and my problem isn’t spam (Cloudmark Desktop solves that nicely), it’s PR people. Lazy flacks send press releases to the Editor in Chief of Wired because they can’t be bothered to find out who on my staff, if anyone, might actually be interested in what they’re pitching.

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US Cinema Ad Spending Up 15%

MediaPost points to the Cinema Advertising Council’s (yup, there’s really a group by that name) news that its members cinema advertising revenues grew 15% to $455.7 million in 2006, from $394.8 million in 2005. CAC members account for more than 81% of US movie screens, according to the organization.… Read the rest

A Compelling Pitch For My Attention

I work in marketing for an online research and information company, and I don’t consider myself a news gatekeeper. But between AttentionMax and my weekly MediaPost op-ed column, I’ve started to receive a steady flow of pitches from PR people, particularly for products and services related to Web 2.0 and online media and advertising.… Read the rest

I Made Two Major Mistakes On This Blog

I made two major mistakes on this blog in the past month or so. First, I wrote about my new car-buying experience — which I’ll follow up on later because horrible dealer service just about ruined the new-car experience, just three months after the purchase.… Read the rest

When Will They Ever Learn?

Matt Creamer points to this NYTimes story about a start-up called Ad-Air, which claims to have created the “first global aerial advertising network — giant, billboardlike ads that will be visible from the air as planes approach runways.” Please note: I work in the marketing industry and I support advertising.… Read the rest