What’s Wrong With the KFC/TiVo Promotion?

Put aside the fact that the Tivo-friendly KFC commercial with the embedded coupon code for the new Buffalo Snacker is no longer news. I’ve been pondering it for some time. I think it really was clever and creative, but I have my doubts about the sustainability of such a tactic.Read the rest

Life Flashed Before My Eyes This Morning

I was on Delta flight 1491 from New York’s La Guardia Airport to Cincinnati at 6:45 A.M this morning. About two minutes after takeoff, the cabin began to fill with smoke…the captain told us over the intercom that they in fact realized the cabin was filling with smoke and that they were circling back to La Guardia for an immediate landing, and asked us to prepare.Read the rest

Sleazy Conference Sponsorships

As marketing guy for a leading market research company, I allocate a lot of staff time and resources in matching our executives and leading thinkers with relevant speaking engagements at important industry conferences. It’s usually a fair trade: my company contributes talent, coordination resources and original content to enable the conference to happen; in return, my company receives exposure and conversation with relevant stakeholders.Read the rest