TV Ads Violate Artistic Integrity

I recently commented how forcing ads on viewers – via technology or other means – is bad for programmers and bad for advertisers, and ultimately annoys viewers. It’s just bad all around! Well, it appears the courts of Sweden believe commercials are also bad for artistic integrity:

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) — A Swedish appeals court on Wednesday ruled that a TV station violated the artistic integrity of two filmmakers by interrupting their movies with commercial breaks.

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President Bush’s Real Problem: Substance or Style?

The WSJ on White House spokesman Scott McClellan’s resignation:

Some Republicans have said that the affable Mr. McClellan wasn’t a forceful-enough advocate of White House positions, contending that he relied too much on stock phrases and occasional stonewalling.

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A Drastic Mistake: Television Ad-Viewing Enforcement

You’ve got to be kidding me…says the

If a new idea from Philips catches on, the company may not be very popular with TV viewers. The company’s labs in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, has been cooking up a way to stop people changing channels to avoid adverts or fast forwarding through ads they have recorded along with their target programme.

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What I Don’t Like About The Holiday Season

As we proceed into spring, I was just pondering how nice it is that the 2005 holiday season is past us, and the 2006 holiday season is still pretty far away. Why? Here are trends indicating the percent of total blog mentions with the keywords Divorce ("divorce"), Depression ("depression" or "depressed") and Gifts ("gifts" or "presents").… Read the rest