Waiting For Pain Is Painful…And Television Commercials?

Dread lights up like pain in your brain, the New Scientist reports:

The feeling of dread lights up the parts of the brain linked with pain, making the experience so uncomfortable that people choose to end the wait for an unpleasant experience sooner, even if it means incurring a penalty.

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NYC Ad Agency Retracts Lawsuit Against Blogger

The litigious and arrogant New York advertising agency, Warren Kremer Paino Advertising, which sued the Maine blogger for exercising free speech, has dropped its case. Considering that all marketing agencies have no choice but to make social media part of their mix, I’ve got to wonder how Warren Kremer Paino is ever going to save itself.Read the rest

Ad Agency Bullies Blogger, Now Needs PR Firm

I wasn’t going to comment on this advertising agency, Warren Kremer Paino Advertising, over its suing of a Maine-based blogger who exercised his right to free speech. But to champion this bloggers’ cause, I’ve decided to join the mob and regurgitate AdAge’s summary:

An ad agency that specialized in travel advertising is suing a Maine-based blogger for defamation after he began to post regularly about the work the agency was doing for its client, the state of Maine.

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Petition To Save Trees From Throwaway Paper Directories

Elinor Mills at CNET reports on an online petition at PaperlessPetition.org, to request that the Yellow Pages Association shift to an opt-in system whereby paper directories would only be printed for people who ask for them. This environmentally friendly organization should also contact the thousands of nonprofit groups that produce these often useless, expensive directories.Read the rest