My Son Turned One Today (and where the heck did the last year go?)

While his big party was last Saturday, Julian’s actual birthday is today, November 21. I remember his birth like it was yesterday. Laura was six centimeters dilated and didn’t even know it. Doc said baby was ready to come out. I left work and headed up to Mount Sinai hospital.… Read the rest

I Joined A Startup To Help Bring Some Simplicity To Our Complex World

I’ve been a little quiet lately, so I’m happy and relieved to finally share some exciting news. I recently left Nielsen BuzzMetrics (now known as Nielsen Online) – a company I remain passionate about and loyal to – to join an exciting startup in the search advertising space.… Read the rest

A Moment Of Silence, Please…

My good friend and colleague Pete Blackshaw‘s father passed away yesterday after a tough battle with cancer. Pete created a memorial blog in remembrance of William Blackshaw, and I just left the following comment:

I never met your dad in person, but I’ve met him through the great qualities he’s passed along to you.

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