The New Scientist Rocks! An Admirable Model For Niche Journalism

The New Scientist is one of my favorite publications, delivering a daily stream of interesting and clever stories about technology, science and life. I haven’t called out any stories since the week before Julian’s birth. So today, I went through my accumulation of 169 New Scientist story feeds and am pleased to provide you the top headlines I thought were most interesting over the past three weeks:

These guys write great headlines and the stories are concise, digestible and addictive. Even stories about primary research are relevant and often applicable to everyday life. If I were a journalist, I think I’d want to work at The New Scientist.

In fact, the New Scientist Web site is cited and linked to in the blogosphere significantly more than most other science-oriented publications, including Popular Science (which partners with CNN) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)’s Science Now.


Published by Max Kalehoff

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