The Final Word On “Snakes On A Plane”

As the pre-Internet buzz around the unreleasedSnakes On A Plane” movie eases, it’s impossible to ignore the many marketing, media and entertainment pundits – AND FANS – who’ve been captivated by the fact that the film’s producers listened to the people and are incorporating their ideas (or, are planning to in some fashion).

For example: Jackie Huba here. My colleague Pete Blackshaw here. JaffeJuice here. Adfreak here. Adrants here. CNN here. Wikipedia here. Hollywoodreporter here. And thousands more discussions archived via Technorati here. And here’s a Blogpulse chart illustrating blog buzz (trend of the keywords "snakes on a plane" as a percent of total metions in the blogosphere):


This was an amazing buzz storm. However, in the context of customer listening and fan centricity, it does make me wonder: To what extent should artists should open up and turn their creations into democratic mutations. I guess the rhetorical question must follow: Is Snakes On A Plane really art? Or is it mass-produced factory entertainment, thereby making my first question irrelevant?

Forget both those questions – they’re a can of worms. The bottom line is: I love B-level movies, so the Snake hype (itself part of the overall entertainment value) is promising. I’ve already added it to my Netflix queue and I look forward to enjoying it with a few beers and a couple of guy friends…who enjoy the art of corny movies!

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Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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