The Future Of Industry Analysts In The Tech Sector

Jonny Bentwood at Edelman pointed to a recent Wall Street Journal story by Lee Gomes, which probed the opacity and subjectivity of industry analysts in the tech sector. Aberdeen Group was the poster child:

There were many excesses during the Internet bubble; one involved the Aberdeen Group, which passed itself off as a technology consulting and research operation, but which was for the most part a “pay-for-praise” operation.

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The Skinny On Advertising, Engagement, Privacy & Trust

I had an impromptu meeting last October with Surinder Siama from ResearchTalk, one of the best multimedia hubs for all things and people in the research and analytics industry. He had a few hours in New York before heading home to London, and I had no lunch plans.… Read the rest

Event: Online Buzz Influencing Vehicle Transaction Prices

Considering my recent new car purchase and online experience, I’m particularly enthusiastic about my Nielsen BuzzMetrics colleague Bill Stephenson’s work in the automotive industry. In fact, Bill just released public data about the impact of consumer-generated media in driving transparency among manufacturers and dealers.… Read the rest

Nielsen Set To Launch Social Network For Entertainment Enthusiasts

Hey! Nielsen_logo-orange

Nielsen, the parent of the Nielsen BuzzMetrics service, where I work, is set to launch a social network for entertainment enthusiasts — called Hey! Nielsen.

I’ve contributed to Hey! Nielsen strategy for the past couple months, and believe this initiative is significant.… Read the rest