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I had an impromptu meeting last October with Surinder Siama from ResearchTalk, one of the best multimedia hubs for all things and people in the research and analytics industry. He had a few hours in New York before heading home to London, and I had no lunch plans. While inhaling sushi, Surinder convinced me to do an off-the-cuff video interview about advertising, research, engagement, defensive branding, privacy and trust. We went back to my office and the result is below. For the record, this was my second-to-last week at Nielsen Online (aka BuzzMetrics), before joining Clickable.

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  1. Advertisements are ruining network television, more spots mean fewer viewers. There are many broadcast entertainment venues that exclude advertising. Television can no longer be a huge intrusion. The branding attempt on TV is counter productive.

  2. “Some of you may die, but that's a risk I'm willing to make.” King Farqua in the movie Shrek.
    It might be tempted, but there will be a big hue and cry and he may wish he had not.

  3. Advertising research is important to prevent ineffective advertising. This is something inexperienced advertisers don't consider. Even after researching a company should continue to track, test, and tweak the results for optimal conversions.

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