São Paulo’s Biggest Problem Is Not Advertising

I recently penned a column about São Paulo’s recent decision to ban outdoor advertising and over-sized logos. Well, perhaps we lost sight of priorities in the chase for a story — albeit, a categorical ban on outdoor advertising is pretty newsworthy. A prominent technology and media analyst who frequents São Paulo just e-mailed me and said (with request of anonymity):

BTW I saw your column about São Paulo. I’ve been there. The whole city is covered, top to bottom, with graffiti – even the 13th floor of the soviet style apartment blocks. The idea that they are banning advertising is pretty funny given the way the city looks. Speaking as an outsider, advertising is certainly not their biggest problem!

Graffiti or advertising? Which is worse? Which is better?

(Photo credit: Thomas Hobbs and his “São Paul Graffiti” Flickr set)

Published by Max Kalehoff

Father, sailor and marketing executive.

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