Organization and Cleanliness Enable Great Outcomes

The Organized Kitchen Book“If you work in [enter four-letter dirty word that rhymes with spit], you tend to produce [enter four-letter dirty word that rhymes with spit].”

That’s a quote I overheard from a renowned chef at one of New York’s top French restaurants, where I once worked. To be sure, the quote included the actual four-letter word.

Of course, this chef was referring to the organization, preparation, cleanliness and technique of his cooks and overall kitchen operations. Great gastronomical outcomes don’t occur if these fundamentals aren’t executed in full. Ever notice that even the floors in great restaurants are so clean that you can eat off of them (I’m not suggesting you do so)?

But I really like the quote because it’s direct and packed with meaning.

It’s tactical, but also aspirational.

And it extends far beyond the kitchen to any endeavor — work, home, personal, professional and so on. It’s a desirable leadership behavior that can become contagious.

Simply: Organization, preparation, cleanliness and technique enable great outcomes.

SIDE NOTE: Ironically, I originally included the four-letter word in this post, but some longtime readers suggested I follow the message of the post and keep the good work clean of vulgarity. Makes sense. So I edited accordingly. Message to self…don’t work in [enter four-letter dirty word that rhymes with spit]. 🙂

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  1. Read your blog yesterday on a different device. This morning I saw it again and opened it. I like and agree with the revised edition. I call it lifting one’s game, reaping the benefits.

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